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Dr. Linda Potts, ND, DCRC, RN, MBA, MBE, CNHP

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Jun 01, 2011 by sherry

You have no idea how this has changed my life 전국노래자랑. I was a skinny kid and thin adult--I never wore a size larger than 6. I was addicted to diet coke and pretzels--I would eat a big bag of RoldGold's every day 메이즈러너 스코치 트라이얼 다운로드. I had a huge appetite and could eat as much as I wanted with no worries. I could eat a whole pizza, a full pound of spaghetti, a loaf of bread--not at one meal of course, but when I felt like it xsteel 다운로드. I never felt full and snacked all the time. Growing up, we rarely had veggies and I never ate then. Had an incredible sweet tooth--four spoons of sugar in my coffee, etc 임진록 2. When I was 52, I got breast cancer. I weighed 114 pounds when I walked into the doctors office. Slowly, between the tamixofen and menopause, I gained 55 pounds and couldn't take it off Download the Yokohama map. Tried everything--diets, exercise, etc. Went up to size 14.Stopped going places cause i felt so bad about myself. On March 4, I started the HCG plan and today I weigh 141 and am back into size 8's and 10's Download the man who became the King of the Light Sea. My appetite has totally changed. I actually like to eat salads and fruit is a great sweet for me. I can bypass bread, potatoes, etc or just have small amounts. I haven't had a pretzel since March 4 and I don't crave them. It's like a miracle. Everytime I try a new food on Phase 4, I get nervous and expect to be doing a steak protocol the next day. But no, the scale blessedly says 141.0, 141.4, etc.
I will start back on Phase 1 and 2 beginning in July and hope to lose another 7-10 pounds. I know I will. And best of all, I get to live the rest of my life in this body. Thank you so much.

Healing Waters Wellness Center 301-824-4325 286 Montevue Ln. Frederick MD, 21702 USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 You have no idea how this has changed my life. I was a skinny kid and thin adult--I never wore a size larger than 6. I was addicted to diet coke and pretzels--I would eat a big bag
Healing Waters Wellness Center
286 Montevue Ln. FrederickMD21702 USA 
 • 301-824-4325